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"Forward Motion" CD Released!

Kevin's New CD

Well, a happy little box of CDs has landed on my doorstep - I'm excited to finally be able to share them with you! I'm very grateful to Tony De Luca for his excellent playing and laid-back demeanor (he's featured on six of twelve tracks) and Matt Weston for his masterful engineering. Music by Gershwin, Pujol, Mayeur, and yours truly...

The recording is also available on iTunes and Google Play

A few words about the title:

Certainly important in music, it has also become a valuable tool for me in any endeavour and daily living as well. Moving through life with deliberate intention, rather than drifting to and fro on the sea of events that cascades over us at times, allows us a measure of control by choosing what to focus on. It also draws in the learning and growth that come from exploring the challenges and vulnerabilities that arise from our choices. Forward motion can even be leveraged to break free when we find ourselves mired down with negative feelings - just move towards something different, even for a few moments, and you will unleash the potential energy of forward motion... Wishing you forward motion, in music and life!

Find out more here...

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