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Kevin Love, Classical Guitar Teacher

Kevin Love, classical guitar teacher.

Kevin Love, Composer

Let me help you on your musical journey...


In addition to his performance schedule, Kevin maintains a thriving teaching practice, working one on one with students of all ages and coaching ensemble classes.


"Decades of teaching experience has taught me that it's the student's journey that important, not mine, and so I like to let the 'instructional mandate' unfold in a way that serves my students by helping them reach their goals.


I see my job as teaching you how your hands need to work so that you can express yourself on the guitar and add enough 'theory' and interpretive skills to reach that goal, be it playing for your own enjoyment or preparing for a university audition."


Come for a free 'musical visit' so that I can answer all your questions and we can be sure we have a good 'fit'!


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Just the facts...


Dear Students and Parents,


Thank - you for your interest in guitar lessons. I teach on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays as availability permits. A brief outline follows:


  • I follow a three term year based on the academic calendar. Students register for three 12 - week terms. Lessons commence on Mon., Sept. 11 and continue until Thurs., June 13. Students may start at any time of the year; term fees will be pro-rated accordingly.


  • There will be a two - week break at Christmas (Dec. 23 - Jan. 7 incl.) and a one week break in March. (Mar. 9 - 17, incl.)


Registration and Fees:


  • Fees for weekly lessons are: 1 hour - $53.00, ¾ hour - $40.00, ½ hour - $28. Irregular, i.e. bi-weekly 1 hour lessons: $58.




  • Students must complete a registration form and submit a deposit ($50.00) to hold a lesson – time. The deposit will be held and applied to third term fees. In the event a student withdraws for reasons other than health or relocation, this deposit will be forfeit.


  • A cheque for the first term fee as well as post - dated cheques for terms two and three will be due on the first day of lessons. This will save time and avoid embarrassing phone calls.


  • Students wishing to withdraw must provide written notice seven days prior to their last lesson. I will refund any paid lessons remaining, less the deposit. If withdrawal is based on reasons of health or relocation, I will refund the deposit as well.


  • When a student registers for lessons, I commit a weekly lesson - time for the entire academic year of three terms. My income is dependant on fees generated from these reserved times. Therefore lessons missed or cancelled by the student will not be refunded. The only mitigation I will offer is that I will try and see you for a lesson on another day in the same week, with prior arrangement, schedule permitting. If I have to cancel a lesson, I will make it up at a mutually agreeable time, or give you a refund at the end of the year.


Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.





"We feel grateful to have found you as a teacher for guitar, and I want to thank you for all the enthusiasm and challenge you have renewed in our children. Whether performing or teaching, somehow you find that delicate balance between pure technical proficiency and free artistic expression, and deliver it in a way that makes it what music should be – FUN! "


Mark Peesker



A few videos from my series "I Love Teaching", and  below that, some highlights of my work with the FCTE Guitar Ensemble.

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