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We Did it Again!

Hello Friends,

Last Friday saw yet another successful Community Café and I’m pleased to say that, thanks to our efforts together, we’ll be sending a cheque for $93.00 to the Boys and Girls Club of London – well done! Hearty thanks go to our performers: guitar duo “Two People” (Suzanne Frank and Paul Kramer) and the Nediger/Kramer guitar duo (Bill Nediger and Paul Kramer) – and our volunteers: Lesley Burdis and Zillah Moss. Next Café: Friday, Feb. 27 featuring Robert Kubica, guitar, and a mystery guest (which means I’m still booking the gig!).

See you there!


***If you’d like to help with the café, please spread the word! Also, we could use a couple of volunteers to help with the door – please let me know if you can do that.***

Community Café “Wall of Honor”:

Volunteer Performers:

Lisa Philpott, clarinet

Paul Kramer, guitar (Artamus Guitar Trio, Two People, Nediger/Kramer Duo)

Bill Nediger (Artamus Guitar Trio, Nediger/Kramer Duo)

Caroline Hauffe, flute (Trio di gala)

Allison Pilon (Trio di gala)

Suzanne Frank (Two People)

Volunteers Extraordinaire:

Lesley Burdis

John Hauffe

Zillah Moss

Money donated to charities to date:

$308 (Women’s Community House, United Way, Boys and Girls Club)

Please give them (and yourselves!) a big round of applause!

About the Community Café:

Hands in Centre.jpg

With the help of many friends, I’ve established a Community Café. It’s a celebration of community with an informal evening of music, stories and more. Yours truly will play guitar and act as host and there will be guest performers as well.

Our theme is unity, at both the individual and community level; to that end, net proceeds from the tariff (a free-will offering) will be donated to a local charity chosen by you: each guest can name their favourite local charity and we will have a draw for the recipient of that evening’s ‘gate’.

I’d like to start by offering the Café once a month at Joe and Edgar’s Café who, as co-sponsors, have graciously donated their space for our project; in fact they will keep the kitchen open during the café to satisfy your cravings! Next Cafe: Friday, Feb. 27.

FAQ: Answers to some of the questions you may have re: the Community Café:

Kevin, can I bring friends?

Yes please, the more the merrier! I’ve attached a simple poster that you can print and post, or, print it six to a page to make handouts…

Where does the money go?

All the money, less a stipend* for the co-ordinator (that’s me) and nominal expenses (PA rental, some printing) will be donated to a local charity determined by the audience…

Will there be music?

And more! I will play of course, offer some readings, and there will be one or two guest performers…

Will Kevin talk too much?

Almost certainly…

Is this the only time you’re doing this?

We hope to do this on a monthly basis, but you should come to this one just in case…

Will there be food?

The restaurant will be open for this event to offer beverages and snacks including beer and wine…

How can I help?

Spread the word! Also, I need two volunteers to help with the door (taking money and recording charity choices, etc.)

*In addition to my role as the primary performer/moderator, I have taken on overall coordinator of the café with duties such as promotion, booking guest performers, remitting the gifts to the charities, etc. To that end I will take a stipend of ½ the ‘gate’ after expenses to a maximum of $150.

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