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Just Begin...

Just Begin

August finds me closing in on two milestones simultaneously: my 59th birthday and the completion of my first CD (with the Artamus Guitar Trio). I'm grateful for the first, and the latter experience has left me convinced that it's never too late to embark on the journeys that live in our secret hearts.

Recording has always been a challenge for me, on many levels: cost, time and most of all confidence, and my secret heart I still wanted to do it. As the years passed it seemed more and more hopeless, like the window was closing and day it felt possible. So we began, knowing that if we just kept moving, one day we'd be finished. There were many challenges, some anticipated and some unexpected, but we kept chipping away, learning, growing, and having a bit of fun too, eventually finding ourselves surprised to be at the end and enjoying the warm glow of completion. And here's the best part: I'm not even 60 yet... Kevin

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